The most accurate and reliable PPU just got 75 % less in Volume. The new XR2 is probably the World's smallest Portable Pilot Unit


To meet the exacting demands of navigating and docking large vessels, the measurement of low speed, precise heading and Rate of Turn is of outmost importance to the Pilot. And when size and weight are almost as important, the 2nd edition of the 100 % wireless ADX XR Concept – the XR2 is now smaller, lighter, more rugged and even more durable.

The XR2 system derives measurements using state-of-the-art GPS/GLONASS/ BeiDou and Galileo Real Time Kinematic (RTK) techniques along with extremely accurate RoT sensors.

MORE COMPACT AND STILL WIRELESS XR2 is a wireless Potable Pilot Unit (PPU) sensor that communicates with the Pilots portable ECS system via standard wireless technology. The complete system comprises of only three small, light, ruggedized POD units, making it ideal for transportation and operation under various conditions.

UNIQUE INTERPOD UHF NETWORK XR2 employs robust UHF network communication between the XR2 PODs to boost the signal penetration. By this, any problems with system communication because of interference or challenging ship structures are history.

PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET We have listened to every Pilot we have met, and everyone says that size and weight do count. We have now reduced the size of nearly 75 % in volume, which means that the size is smaller, the weight is lighter, and the battery life is almost unheard of.

"Ten years of experience with the ADX PPU system has taught us we can trust the ADX more than the onshore Laser Docking System."

- Thom van der Hoff Pilot, Port of Rotterdam

XR2 Details

Just recently our highly skilled engineers have concluded their most difficult project in our history. The challenge was to make the lightweight PPU even lighter. The outcome was the XR2. Just to highlight a few of the feature the size is probably the first thing you see. Only 600 grams and so small you may put it in your Pilot Jacket pocket. Battery time is just out of any league, more than 24 hours in one charge and the possibility to use the sensors as a Pilot Plug or a semi-independent unit to a fully independent unit makes it also probably the most versatile PPU on the market. You have three solutions in one setup. So for a Pilot jumping from one vessel to another he is now equipped to tackle any challenge with “Ease of Mind”

Three ways of use


Pilot Plug Connector

You may want to use the system as a Pilot Plug Connector for ship-dependent operation. Situational Awerness of the surroundings may in certain moments give you the information you seek. Remember not to base your Navigational plan on the information given to you. AIS is information only.


Semi-Independent Unit

If for some reason you need to establish more accuracy in your Heading an extra POD can be allocated for the purpose. You may still use the MPU Sensor inside, even still connected to the Pilot Plug. The XR2s logic will make use of the data given independently and dependently. The system logic is set up to send independent information to the Pilots laptop as default. If that data is missing the informaition from the Pilot plug will be sent.


Fully independent unit

If the weather or traffic or simply the task at hand requires a 100 % fully independent set up you install the Heading and Postion Sensor outside and the MPU inside. With the unique interpod UHF network the units can be placed as far away from each other as 300 meters line of sight. The problem with system communication because of interference or challeniging ship structure are history.



  • Bow and Stern Speed: 1 cm/sec (0,02 knots)
  • Heading Accuracy: 0.01 deg*
  • Rate of Turn: 0,05 deg/min
  • Position Accuracy: 1 cm (RTK mode)
  • Vertical: 2 cm (RTK mode)

           *At 20 m baseline


  • Weight each pod: 600 gram
  • Dimensions - pods (L x W x H):  10 x 10 x 5 cm
  • Very rugged encapsulation
  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • Wireless Standard: WLAN 802.11b/g/n
  • IP67


  • Laser Docking Replacement
  • Precise maneuvering and docking
  • FPSO and SPM Operations
  • Vessel Trails
  • Rig Move
  • Ship to Ship Operations
  • Lock approach


We will be happy to discuss the XR2, and how it can improve your challenging day as a pilot.

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