Pilot Software

In principle, the PPU Range of Products from AD Navigation is designed to interface easily to any portable ECDIS system that accepts standard NMEA messages. However, because it is tightly fine-tuned and optimized for the ADX products, our preference is to supply the world leading QASTOR Pilot Software from QPS - one of our several Software Partners.

In particular, Qastor’s integrated Advanced Kalman Filter is implemented to provide unsurpassed accuracy in position, heading, rate of turn and velocity results, even under the most difficult circumstances.

Since 2000 QPS has produced portable electronic chart and navigation systems specifically for pilots. QASTOR is designed in compliance with IHO, IMO and IEC standards. Working hand-in-hand with pilot groups, the program is designed with ease of use in mind, fully acknowledging that the pilot cannot be distracted with time-consuming operations behind a computer. Some input will be required under certain circumstances, and many options are available for configuring the program according to the pilot’s wishes, but, in general, Qastor requires minimal pilot interaction while conveying all the necessary pertinent information.

  • Designed entirely to specifications provided by professional pilots, Qastor can be configured to comply fully with ECDIS standards. It does, however, maintain configurability that permits each pilot to customize the software to his own preference. Once configured, the software runs automatically each time, presenting pertinent information with a minimal response required from the pilot.
  • Danger Detection & Avoidance
  • Enhanced Route Planning & Verification
  • Dynamic Under Keel Clearance
  • Real-time Tide Reduction
  • Meeting point predictions
  • Support for geo-referenced annotations such as approach descriptions, pictures, tugboat instructions and so on.


  • Ship Trials
  • Oil Rig Positioning
  • Inland River Barges
  • SPM Approaches
  • Ferry Operations
  • Oil and Gas Tanker Approaches and Docking
  • Patrol Vessels
  • Tugboat Operations

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